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In the meadow - Ceramic studio

In the meadow - Ceramic studio
Address: Brekkubyggđ 30, 540 Blönduós
Tel: (+354) 895 8326

In the ceramic studio – Út í móa – which has the english translation – In the meadow, Ţórdís Baldursdóttir makes ceramic giftware of clay and porcellain. The products have a strong reference to the icelandic nature.

For example the “Mountain lights” which are candle holders for small candles.They light up the outlines of special mountains, like Snćfellsjökull, Mt. Hekla or Eyjafjallajökull. And when they are lit they cast the shadow of the shape of the mountain onto the wall behind and thus warm the owners memory of his special mountain.

Items are for sale at Búsílag in Blönduós and in Kaolin gallery in Reykjavik. For further information please contact by phone or email.

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