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Sheep Farming Museum

Sheep Farming Museum
Address: Sævangi , 510 Hólmavík
Tel: (+354) 451 3324 & 823 3324

Only 12 km. south of Hólmavík the former community center Sævangur houses an interesting and entartaining exhibition about the icelandic sheep and sheep farming with special emphasis on the Strandir area.

The exhibition, whose name is Sheeps in the story of Iceland, has been very popular ever since it opened in spring 2002, mainly because the exhibition itself concentrates on providing diverse entertainment for all ages. The children can enjoy themselves in their own room, in which are toys and colour books, while the grown-ups can view the exhibition, and the museum also has a small science room where people can taka a look at various things through microscope. One of the main attraction in the Sheep Farming Museum are lambs which the visitors can feed with milk from a bottle.

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