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Ůingeyri Church was built during 1864-1877 and consecrated on the 9th of September in 1877. Due to its exceptional history and its construction this church is thought to be one of the most noteworthy churches in Iceland. It is built in the Romanesque style with walls that are almost one meter thick. In the ceiling can be found 1000 golden stars and also the church has 1000 small windowpanes. The church can seat one hundred people.

Hvammstangi Church., This is the first church to have been built at Hvammstangi. It is a concrete building and was consecrated in 1957. It has room for 160 people and is situate on the hillside in the village. The church bells are two and one of them is originally from an older church in Kirkjuhvammur. The parish graveyard is still situated in Kirkjuhvammur.

Bl÷nduˇs Church is the parish church for Bl÷nduˇs and the neighboring region. The church building was draw and designed by Dr. Maggi Jˇnsson. Dr. Maggi Jˇnsson took the inspiration for the look and form of the church from the surrounding mountains and landscape. The church was consecrated on the 1st of May 1993. In the church there is room for 250 people and its cellar contains facilities for a variety of parish work. The church possesses good acoustics and sound carries well for singing. The church is an elaborate house of God.

Sta­arbakki Church, , in Mi­fj÷r­ur. In 1907 the parish at Sta­arbakki was closed down and joined to the parish at Melsta­ur. On of the priests who occupied Sta­arbakki was Reverend Ůorlßkur ArngrÝmsson who was the son of ArngrÝmur lŠr­i (the Scholar). The church is an old timber church with a tower. It can hold 120 guests and was built in 1890. The altarpiece is considered good artwork painted by Eyjˇlfur Eyfells.

Sta­ur Church site in Hr˙tafj÷r­ur was from earlier times until the 20th century a vicarage. The church at Sta­ur was dedicated to the Virgin Maria (Mary?). The current timber church was built in 1884. The main carpenter during its construction was Sigur­ur Sigur­sson the father of Stefßn the Poet from HvÝtadalur. The church has a tower and a choir balcony. It was thoroughly renovated around 1950.

The Old Church at Bl÷nduˇs was built in 1894. At that time a sign of an urban settlement was taking shape at Bl÷nduˇs. Prior to this the parish church for the people of Bl÷nduˇs stood at Hjaltabakki where churches have been for centuries. Bl÷nduˇs church was consecrated on the 13th of January 1895. Many people want to preserve the church as it a part of the old town of Bl÷nduˇs and has its place and value in the history of Bl÷nduˇs. It has a niche in the thoughts and memories of the townspeople and to those who have moved away from the town. It is therefore the intention to keep it in good condition.

Au­k˙la Church.. There has been a Church at Au­k˙la since the time when Christianity first came to Iceland and it was dedicated to John the Baptist. The current church at Au­k˙la was built in 1894. It is has an octagonal shape with a tower in the middle. A church of a similar construction can be found at Silfrasta­ir in Skagafj÷r­ur. The church at Au­k˙la was built by Ůorsteinn Sigur­sson the church carpenter from Sau­ßrkrˇkur. It can seat 70 people. Bj÷rn Eysteinsson from GrÝmstunga gave the church a pulpit in 1830. Recently the both the outside and the inside of the church were renovated.

Brei­bˇlssta­ir Church in Vesturhˇp. Vicarage has been at Brei­abˇlssta­ur since ancient times. Hafli­i Mßsson lived at Brei­bˇlssta­ur during the 12th century. He was the first to put the laws of Iceland into print in 1117. The first printing office in Iceland was at Brei­bˇlssta­ur. The church was the church of Ëlafur and annexed to VÝ­idalstunga. The last priest was Stanley Melax until 1960. The current church was built in 1894 and still stands there in its original state.

Efra-N˙p Church at Mi­fj÷r­ur was a vicarage until the change of religion from Catholic to Lutheran, and then it was annexed from Sta­arbakki until 1907. The prophetess Rˇsa Gu­mundsdˇttir well known as Skjßld Rˇsa died in 1855. She is buried in the graveyard at Efra-N˙p. The church at Efra-N˙p was dedicated to Saint Thomas the archbishop. The current house of God is made of concrete and was built in 1960.

Melsta­ur Church in Mi­fj÷r­ur. There has been a vicarage at Melsta­ur since ancient times. The first tales of priest there is from the 13th century. The most renowned priest was ArngrÝmur Jˇnsson the Scholar, born in 1568. He was an auxiliary and related to the bishop in Hˇlar Gu­brandur Ůorlßksson. He died in Melsta­ur in 1648. In Melsta­ur was the church of Stefßn. Current church, a concrete building, was consecrated on the 8th of July in 1847. Sculptor RÝkhar­ur Jˇnsson carved the pulpit.

The Church at Tj÷rn on the Vatnsnes peninsular. Its most renowned priests were without a doubt the Reverend Sigur­ur Norland from HindisvÝk and his follower the Reverend Robert Jack who was the last priest at Tj÷rn. The current church was built during 1930-1940. It is a concrete building and can hold 70-80 people. In the cemetery lie the graves of Agnes and Fri­rik who were sentenced to death and executed in 1836.

Vesturhˇp Church. There was a vicarage at Vesturhˇpshˇlar until 1851. Until 1959 it was a farmers church but at that time the farmer Hjalti Gu­mundsson gave it to the parish. It was consecrated to John the Batiste. The current house of God was built in 1879 and is without a tower. The pulpit is an old relic from the 17th century probably amongst the oldest pulpits in Iceland.

Kirkjuhvammskirkja, Hvammstanga Kirkjuhvammskirkjan stendur sp÷lkorn ofan vi­ ■orpi­ og er h˙n fri­lřst og Ý umsjˇn Ůjˇ­minjasafnsins. H˙n var annexÝa frß Melsta­ og helgu­ Tˇmasi erkibiskupi. ┴tti h˙n marga muni, sem eru n˙na Ý Hvammstangakirkju. Kirkjuhvammskirkjan er sÚrlega fallega sta­set og vel ■ess vir­i a­ sko­a hana sem og umhverfi hennar.

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